CBD Active Plus (10ml) Spray

CBDactive+ is a new, innovative and drinkable alternative for CBD oil. CBDactive + is soluble in water and is therefore completely absorbed. Regular CBD products and cannabinoids are fats and are therefore mainly degraded by the body. As a result of this just 6-12% is effectively absorbed by the body. The CBDactive+ mix ensures that the active ingredients are quickly and fully absorbed. In addition, CBDactive+ contains all terpenes produced by the primal hemp. Consequently, the cannabinoids that reach the bloodstream are degraded more slowly.

The BioACTIVE+ CBD mix dissolves in tea, lemonade or other drinks and makes the pulling of “long faces” a thing of the past. It also taste a lot nicer. Since it is soluble in water, you can also use it in a nebulizer so that the active ingredients can be inhaled in a healthy and responsible way.

  • Faster and stronger effect
  • Drinkable
  • Inhalable
  • Up to 3 x less expensive
  • Pleasant taste
  • Stimulates well-being
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • More active ingredients